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    From what everyone told me last Thursday, no one but me could connect to Ghillie School. I could connect o Ghillie School but no other server with the BO Mod.

    Tonight I ran “update” from inside of the Black Ops Mod and a lot of things have changed.

    First, the full update took about ten minutes and reported “no updates done”. Wierd item number one.

    Then I noticed the main screen of the Black Ops Mod screen had changed, I no longer see “Avator” or “WTF Staff”. Weird item number two.

    I can now connect to other servers while in Black Ops Mod but I no longer have any of the Black Ops weapons. Weird item number three.

    I am stumped.


    I saw the server, it finally loaded then kicked me saying I was running trainers.

    My version says BO mod v1.01

    Downloaded the v1.2 and installed it

    I was still kicked by ghillie school, but was able to get into the =SOB= server and play. Their load screen says BO v1.2 only.

    We need everyone to get v1.2 and try it. I put the link in the practice post.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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