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    File Name :: Sniper Canyon
    Author :: Wiley Coyote-UR
    Category :: TDM
    [dohtml]A wooded canyon, perfect for sniping. Just becareful, spawn killers may be punished harshly ;) [/dohtml]

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    I've been trying to work on this map, turning it into a King of the Hill, with extra spawn points, vehicles and more armories.

    But when I play test it, I get weird absences of items. Some newer ones are there, some aren't. Some of the new items are the same type (armories, etc) but not all of them are present. I can see them in Nile, but not in game.

    I deleted some of the trees on the outskirts, thinking it might be a maximum item issue, or perhaps the computer having trouble rendering everything. But that didn't help.

    Any ideas?


    I ran into that once before and it turned out to be one of the newer items I added effected the existing items.

    Start by deleting one item at a time and see if that fixes it. Start with the latest thing you added and go backwards. Once you find which item it was, you can add back in all the other items you deleted.

    I feel you pain on this. I know it can be really frustrating.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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