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    So I bit the bullet and purchased a founder pack to play.


    The founders pack grants you the beta access which granted is still in development.
    So here is a quick breakdown of my own personal opinions of the game. (This is what is playable currently and does not look or feel like what the videos above show. Possibly a press level access that is a full version.)

    Sounds – realistic, crisp and enjoyable.
    Tank options – only after you play a lot to unlock however.
    Speed – The tanks drive more like race cars than slow lumbering tanks… cool.

    Screen option – You can not play on full screen on alternate monitor. For me, my primary monitor is my laptop my second is a nice 21 inch. With all other games I can move the game to my second monitor and play full screen. With this beta if I want to play on second it has to be windowed with very little resolution options and occasionally game kicks you out of window to your cursor on the desktop.

    Video – They tried to make it super detailed with rain drops and water streaks which after a while distorts to much and makes it to realistic and less like a playable game.

    Levels – Maybe due to low number of players but as a tier 1 playing against tiers 5 levels higher ain’t that fun. So yes you get World of Tanks “You didn’t penetrate their armor”. Bouncing everything off a Patton at point blank while he just sits their knowing you cant scratch him just to turn and kill you after taking out 2 of your team mates is painful. Oh,, and you cant track or look for week spots etc.

    Ammo options – Sure it’s cool you got ammo options to kill your enemies. However, when you get hit by a shell, arty, missles and an airstrike. Felt like ridding a bicycle with a BB gun onto the beaches of Normandy. A couple times, I just could not keep up with all the different types of ordinance that was hitting me simultaniously. Players in WOT complain about Arty…. ha ha ha wait until they have to deal with tank missles, airstrikes and arty.

    Complexity – With no training or practice to start with, the beta is jump in, sink or swim baby. Their are options on top of options with sub options. Feels like they tried to cram so many tank, crew and supply options in that they over complexed the game.

    So in conclusion, they got a long ways to go. Maybe things balance out more later as the game progresses. Don’t waste your time and money for now however trying to get in and play. It’s a far cry off of WOT and I would not say is trying to compete with at all.

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