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      I e-mailed WoT about the platoons being only 3. This is the responce:

      Dear Gargoyle_UR,

      Thank you for contacting World of Tanks support.

      While platoons can only hold up to three Tankers,

      Here are two options that can result in playing with all six of your friends:

      Option 1) The “Synch-Up”

      We do this in the office. Create 2 platoons, have the two platoon leaders call/skype each other. Click down on the “battle” button, and count down, but do not release until the countdown reaches “1” this increases the chances of the platoons being in the same battle, but possibly on different sides!

      Option 2) Tank Companies.

      Think about thank companies as larger platoons, where all of you can play together.

      In this battle version, players can form their own team by inviting
      friends or allowing random players to join their company. Team rosters
      are built using a point system. After forming your team, it will be
      placed into the Tank Companies Matchmaker. This matchmaker is similar to
      the ‘Random Battle’ matchmaker, however, the algorithm used needs at
      least 4 teams formed to function properly. It is impossible for the
      matchmaker to create a battle without at least 4 tank companies being
      ready. Players in a tank company are able to communicate with their
      teammates using the game’s voice chat feature. Each team in a Tank
      Companies Battle will receive credits and experience in accordance with
      damage dealt, etc. The winning team, however, will receive a percentage
      of the losing team’s credits and experience, causing the losing team to
      gain less experience and credits than they would normally expect.
      Companies are available in 4 divisions. Junior, Medium , Champion and Absolute.
      The “total tier level” indicates the minimum and maximum sum of tiers of all the tanks in the company.
      While option one is fun and random, we recommend option 2, and suggest that you use platoons to grind credits and experience.

      We truly do appreciate your feedback and we take all player feedback into great consideration when testing and discussing possible changes to the game.

      In the future, we kindly request that you leave your feedback and suggestions in the proper section in the forums, as this is where we regularly collect from for our reports to the Developers. You can even find official “Feedback Request” threads, where you can really make your voice heard:

      (Please make sure you do a thorough search/check of the forums to make sure that a similar topic doesn’t already exist before posting.)

      In the mean time, you can keep your eyes peeled for any new developments:


        Chatted with other members over in the forum and I found out why platoons are limited to 3 tanks. The limit makes it so someone can’t put together a platoon of “career” players (read: good) and slaughter everyone in the random battles. Which makes sense. And I guess some are complaining this is still an issue with 3 tanks.

        I got three suggestions:
        First, to form a Tank Company. The issue with this is that we can only battle other tank companies and there is a good chance these companies will be made up of good players, so I’m guessing we will get our butts kicked. But we can try it.
        Second is to form two platoons and have the platoon leaders press and hold the battle button at the same time and then count down from 3 and release at the same time. Had a couple users say they do this on a regular basis and it works most of the time to get you in the same map.
        Third is to get into Clan Wars. Basicly we apply for a landing, which puts on the world map somewhere and then we battle other clans for their territories. Sounds interesting but we would need at least 15 members, so that would mean inviting outsiders into our clan.


          Food for thought! we will have to try some stuff then. Thanks for trying to figure it out!!!


            Gargoyle, I am glad you took the time to figure out how to get all of us into a map together. Last night was a blast.


              Who’s Dargoyle? 😳


                No idea what you are talking about. ;-)


                  Yes, thank you for taking the time to research the game rules and points for us.


                    No worries.

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