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      Since Novaworld is undergoing some changes some members have said they are having trouble logging on to the servers. After searching the net I have found a list of fixes for this problem. I have tried it on 2 systems and confirmed it works. If it does not work please let me know so I can edit these fixes.

      Here are the fixes.

      1. Clearing Prefetch
      To clear the Prefetch directory, it is located in your Windows folder. Just open it, select all, delete all files and then reboot your computer and try to logon to NovaWorld.

      2. Disable/Enable Network Card
      To disable your network card, there are several ways of doing this. Open up your Network Connections, right mouse click on your network adapter, and then disable. Once disabled, right mouse click on it again and enable it. If you are running windows XP you can right click on it and select “repair” which will do the same thing.
      If your not running XP you will also need to clean your DNS. Follow the steps below.
      1.Go to start / run /
      2.Type in : cmd
      3.Type in : ipconfig /flushdns

      **WARNING** By doing any of these steps you may eliminate your history for web pages visited or some additionally saved items from the web. While for most this is not a major problem but I just wanted to let you know. I have not experianced any problems but everyones system is different so please report any problems ASAP!

      3. Clearing you JO Cache
      Open your NovaLogic Joint Operations Typhoon Rising folder, open the Cache folder, select all and delete.

      4. Reboot your computer
      Some people have suggested that a simple reboot of your computer will fix most issues with your computer, OS and game. It's also good to do this at least once a day anyway if you've been playing quite a bit.

      I'm sure there are other solutions that work, but hopefully this helps some that are continuing to have issues with logging into NovaWorld in JO.

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