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    you are tired of all the shortcut and icon to start different game mod’s ?
    maybe also some shortcut don’t work if you don’t install the game to the default directory ?
    you don’t know how to set the rsource correct ?
    you are tired always to switch your resource ?
    you also start sometime Nile with the wrong MOD ?
    you want create a Player Profile to see all player movement in Nile ?

    here a small program to do that, all in one.
    – dedect automaticly all installed mod’s.
    – show only your installed mod’s
    – no fixed icons or mod’s, that mean also all coming mod’s in the future will show up !
    – simple click the icon (or right mouse button) to start your wanted mod.
    – Start Nile or the Game with the correct MOD you want.
    – NOVA START also check your correct Nile version !!
    if you don’t have the last official version, you can update Nile in the program with one click.
    – easy to create a Player Profile to watch in Nile Player Movement !

    if you installed Nile not in the default Directory, you have to set one time the correct directory, the application will remember then.

    maybe also interesting for people they don’t know how to set in Nile the correct resource directory.
    the application do that automaticly.

    NOW also DFX and DFX2 (+ MODs) support !!!!!

    Link … owfile=120

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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