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    Well, after months of driving Fub, Gargoyle and Bones nuts with computer inquiries, I've finally made the leap and have a new system together (with much help from Bones–Thank you sir).


    CPU: Intel quad Q6600
    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
    GPU: MSI 8800GT
    PSU: Corsair 550w
    Memory: G Skill 4GB 800 mhz DDR2
    Dumb Intel HSF (long story)
    Antec Solo Case

    Now all I have to do is find a new headset. Though I don't think it will be ready for play this week, but I will try.

    BTW, I think I made Bones jealous because he walked out of Fry's today with, not one, but two BFG 8800GT's–so expect a serious update soon.


    Sweet. Glad to hear you jumped on board.




    For those of you folks out there please take note that the 8800's are power hogs and require their own “dedicated” 12v/18 amp rail for each card. If you don't have this for one or even 2 of them you will loose some serious performance. Double check your power supplies for sure on those. Most SLI certified power supplies only come with one dedicated. If it isn't SLI certified I would be sure to double check the specs.

    I only know this because I found out the hard way.

    Also with the “dual card” setup if you run it in SLI mode you can only use one monitor (in case you have dual monitor setup). Non-SLI would enable all 4 ports or run as 2 stand alone cards. If you don't put it into SLI mode your wasting the 2nd card. Also some programs/games will not run in SLI mode. I think JO is one of them. nVidia has a link somewhere on their chaotic site of known problems with SLI mode games.

    Here is a link to nVidia's site about SLI cards and required power, etc. They go over the factors in much greater detail.

    Jaws I looked into your PSU and it is SLI certified but “SLI certs” are a gray area since there are so many cards that can be put into SLI mode. Yours says it does have a dedicated 12v rail but does not list the amps. The amp rating is only given to the chain 12v (SATA, Molex, floppy, etc). That one is listed to be 41 amps.

    In any case congrats! If you have questions just ask. I still have a lot of info on the 8800 cards I can pass on.


    Yeah I'm not going to SLI so I figured that the 550w power supply is enough–the instruction manual also says 41 amps for the PCIe connection. The desktop I built is for everyday use plus some games. I only play DF right now but since all these new games are coming out including the Novologic game I figured I better upgrade. At least now Graveyard won't look like a slide show.


    Grats Jaws. I know you did your homework before purchasing all of your gear and it is definitely a sweet set up. Should last you at least a couple of years but is already outdated. LOL and I say that only because we all know that when a purchase is made for a computer even the best of parts, they are outdated before it is even paid for at the register. :comp

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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