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      Someone offered me the Nile Map Title helper program. email it to me at aaron AT snearys DOT com.



        I'm e-mailing you the file and instructions, but I thought I would post them here too.

        First you need to save the attachement to your hard drive and change the extension back to .exe

        1. Double-click the Text Tool
        2. Click on Edit –> Groups
        3. Double-click <<>>
        4. Type the name info for Group Title
        5. Click to select the new group, info, and click OK
        6. Use the drop down menu to swtich to info and then double-click on <<
        7. For the ID, type in title
        8. For the Text, type in the title you want. ie: Water War-UR by Gargoyle, this can be whatever text you want
        9. Click OK
        10. Click File –> Save As
        11. IMPORTANT: The file name needs to be exactly the same as the map name, just with the extension .rc
        12. Click File –> Save Bin
        13. Click File –> Save All
        14. Close Text Tool

        Now you should find 6 files with the same name, but different extensions. All 6 files must be in the Joint Ops directory. You can test this by copying the 6 files into the root JO directory. Launch the game and host a LAN game. Select the map from the list and add it to the list of maps to be played. Start the host and see if the title comes up. If it doesn't, then go back and make sure the names match up and what not. To be honest, it doesn't always work. Sometime you have to delete the .rc and .bin files and start over.


          Lost the file in a rebuild.

          Can you add it to the Downloads section of the site? Or is it for personal use only?

          either way, I need it, again.

          Thanks :comp


            I will put it up if you fill out your birthday and contact information under the Team Chat forum. :roll


              File is up under Downloads –> Joint Ops

              WILEY COYOTE-UR

                Did this survive the move to the new forum?


                  I still have the program, but I don’t see a way to add it to the Downloads

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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