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      Looking for your insight here. My current security suite (firewall, malware, and anti-virus) is about to expire and I was wondering if I should stay with my existing suite (Norton Internet Security) or move on to something different.

      Now, to me purchasing a security suite is a lot like car insurance, you pay for and hope you never need it. I do not visit torrents, or warez, or pron so I never knowingly practice unsafe computing. I never really see any issues where the suite pops up and tells me it blocked an attack. Checking the logs I can see where the suite noted an issue and took care of it.

      I know many feel the real mark of a security suite is how small a footprint the suite has on the computer but with today’s CPU speeds and cheap RAM, is the footprint as important as it used to be?

      So, what security suite would you suggest?


        I can tell you I use Avast and have for about 3 yrs now, I have had 0 problems with my PC and gaming. I do get alerts every so often, if you are securing more than one PC they have multi PC deals.

        Gargoyle will tell you he uses Trend Micro

        Let me know if you have any questions I can answer about avast. They do have a free antivirus only that you can try out.


          Windows 8 – Nothing

          All other windows OS – Microsoft Security Essentials, less of a resource hog and I have actually seen it in action (after the fact) on a family members computer.

          This coming from a guy who can install norton or mcaffee for free from work. Just my 2c.


            Like Fu said, I use Trend Micro and they offer a number of home security suites to choose from.

            I did just read an article which compaired Microsoft Secuity Essentials (which is free by they way) to other anti-virus/anti-malware programs and it did just as well or better then the paid ones.

            A great anti-malware program is Malwarebytes. The manual scan is free, or you can purchase the real-time background protector for $25 for a year. But the program doesn’t do anti-virus.

            I’m in the process of building my new computer and I’m most likely going to go with Security Essentials and purchase Malwarebytes.

            WILEY COYOTE-UR

              I too have access to Free Norton and Symantec via work, and I’ve tried and abandoned both in favor of Avast! Norton and Symantec were huge resource hogs, difficult to manage and nearly impossible to remove. Avast is fast, easy to configure, lets you know when something critical happens and otherwise stays out of the way.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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