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    And again… the silence.

    Wiley did your computer break again? Did you go on a 3 month vacation again?

    Anyone…. anyone… Bueller…. Bueller?


    First, why doesn’t the “Notify me of a reply” not send me an email. Fu, can you make sure the site is using my gmail address?

    Second, I’m having an overabundance of life. We were working on a mortgage refinance till the PenFed tried to pull a switcheroo on us. I’ve got two cats in quarantine for infectious parasites (so I’m their only caretaker). I’ve got a 39 weeks pregnant wife that cant lift more than 10 pounds, an always hungry 2yo that weights more than 10 pounds but just got food poisoning, more work than any GS-12 knows what to do with, and a happening new D&D campaign that I’m DMing. So when doesn’t email me, I don’t remember to check here.

    What’s your excuse? :willy


    Oh, and the download will be done in 45 minutes


    No excuses, I get the update emails (grin)

    I was only ribbing you. I understand life happens. Had it happen in an abundance last year with 3 family deaths in one week, career change, etc etc.

    Take care of the family (and cats) and don’t swet the small stuff. Glad to see your still around.

    Drop me an email if you need any advice or assistance with the mortgage, I still have a knack for that.


    This is a screen cap of what I see (or dont see). Any ideas anyone? Tried various settings, AV is turned off, running as admin, cleared IE cache, and cleared each one of the filter boxes at the top.



    Im running windows 7 and this is what I have done.

    Here are the ports you want to make sure are open on your router (TCP & UDP). You might also try forwarding them to your machine.

    Listen Port 9378
    Beacon Port 7623
    Server Beacon Port 6623
    Server 5476, 5477, 5478
    Game Lobby 9103, 9855, 9856

    Also make sure Windows firewall is not blocking Punkbuster (Punkbuster A & B)

    Also make sure the above ports are also open on your local machine. You might try and dissable your antivirus/firewall software and Windows firewall since it defaults when none are present.

    Also try DMZ your system through your router. If it works at all after all of that then we know something is blocking it’s communications.

    Last resort, reload/re-install!

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)
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