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    When I looked for the NO DVD hack, there were no listed trainers for v1.3 that I could find.


    Im not sure about the 32bit but for me Im running Win7 on 64bit. You have to Ctrl Alt Del out of the game atthe game start and go into Task Manager. Once there you need to go under processes and change the FFOW.exe priority to LOW. This will correct any lag or jittering. Also the no CD fix wont work for me. Might again be an x64 thing. I have to do it every time I play. Here is a link to set the priority and forget about it. It’s an add on.

    Remember this is a game that Microsoft says “will not run under Windows 7” which is a bunch of BS, it can and does work….. with some minor tweaks. Now Crysis on the other hand, won’t run under Windows 7 for sure. Funny how games designed for XP/Vista hate 7.

    As for the cheaters I haven’t come accross anything. Then again I don’t know what I should be looking for. I have only been able to get online 1 time due to my work schedule and wasn’t on that long. Most of my play has been on single player to get adjusted to playing it again. On an alternative note, we usually play as just the group so a private game would keep cheaters away. That is unless someone in the group decides to cheat. :ack

    FU, what trainers are you talking about for v1.3? Not sure I understand what your referring to.


    OK so I went online and played for a while. Holy hell its hard. I played in a room with 30+ players. Damn hard to keep up. Thats a lot of stuff goin on.

    As for the cheatin I did some checking and I guess with PB being there now it’s not that bad. But again we will see maybe. I can say that flying the vehicles is tough and I had to add a joystick to even get them flying. This is a lot more challenging than JO. Also hitting another player and killing them is harder.


    So I installed the server. Started it up and then joined it. it worked nicely. I will continue to work on the server to see all the abilities.


    Tic toc… tic toc…


    Shock and I were in a server I setup on monday night and we had 10 people in it in no time!


    Any evidence of cheats or hacking?


    From what I could tell none. They adapted Punk Buster (the updated version unlike JO) and it seemed to be working. Lag could make one think someone is cheating and the way hit count is computed thru the game. All in all it didn’t look like a problem.

    Also did some checking and you have 2 styles of maps. One is an advance and secure the other is capture all. The AAS is a straight forward style where the later is a capture them in any order. Most of the maps are a 1/2/3/2/1 sequence. 1 being your starting base and 3 being the 50 yard line. Both the 2 & 3 start nuetral so to win you need to secure 8 points and hold them. If another team takes even one in the same plane of advancement you can not capture the ones down field unless its the free for all style map.

    Also as Joe found out there are a lot more buttons required due to additional functions in the game which takes some getting used to. You can run or walk which is nice instead of having to switch to a knife and try to move a little faster like in JO. I think he also found out how challenging the helos are to fly. I also know he hates the drones. LOL.


    Picked up the game and installed. I started playing Singleplayer right off the bat to see what the game is like. Really cool graphics and intense weapons. It hung up on me a couple of times. I went in, dowloaded all the updates (4 total)
    1.0.0 to 1.1.0
    1.1.0 to 1.1.1
    1.1.1 to 1.2.0
    1.2.0 to 1.3.0
    The downloads prevented the hang up’s.
    Have not tried the online multiplayer yet.


    OK so I’ve been having issues now with some maps. Somehow during the upgrades, a few maps got damaged.
    Anyhow, been playing multiplayer and it is tough. Choppers are VERY hard to fly and Jets aren’t much easier.
    Armored class and infantry are lots of fun.
    This would be really good with our whole squad.

    Overall for the cost of the game I vote :1010



    I think you can re-install just the maps to correct any problems. I will check on it and report back.

    For the choppers/planes I highly suggest adding a USB joystick. I have a simple Logitech Extreme 3D Pro I picked up for $20 locally. Since you can program the vehicles independant of each other and your player actions I was able to configure it and actualy fly them. It will still take some getting used to put it allows it to have a more familiar feel.

    Also something I read online said that the downloaded version sometimes has problems with the patches and some other “mods” (i.e., widescreen mod). Apparently it has something to do with steam?

    OK so last roll call then for who needs games? Bones & FU have theirs. Anyone else? I will be ordering today.



    I found one of the forum posts and it said for the server…

    “This is a stand-alone dedicated server application for Frontlines: Fuel of War and will run on Windows XP, Vista, and 2003 Server.

    The application will let you host Frontlines servers. The full game, CD key, disc, and registration are not required.”

    I am checking for more updates. The post didn’t say which version it was for. I am assuming though that the server is just a pass thru port of some sort?

    So I am guessing then that you will only need one copy then in addition to the server files.

    Here is a link to the file.

    The file is 1.9GB


    That was one of the files I pulled down a little while back. As soon as I get some time, I will try and install it on a server class machine.


    Im not sure how it will work as a server without needing all the other files like most servers. I am assuming it just routes the info thru, computes basic info and each user uses the files on their machine for the main game play???


    Update on Frontlines server.

    1. Managed to setup server on Ghillies 2008 Server box.
    2. Server shows up on Frontlines server page.
    3. Unable to connect to game using game login from my machine.

    I need to check with Ghillie and online to see if there is anything being blocked or if anything needs to be opened up.

    Also since I didn’t hear from anyone I only ordered a copy of the game for Ghillie. So that means that if anyone else chooses to play they will have to buy their own copies. :(

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