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    This is Chris not Pops! I hijacked his username!! :gun

    I know there was some chatter about trying to find some alternatives to JO (game, not neighbor!).

    I was looking around and noticed that the game is still heavily supported (servers/players) and is now… get this… under $5 online. I figured it would be a cheap tryout game. I have played it and actually like it alot. Much like the game Ghillie is looking at this one also has multiple player types and options to players. The only thing I am not sure about is if everyone will be able to play it based on their systems.

    Here is the recomendation per the designer.

    CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz+ or equivalent AMD Athlon 2800+
    RAM: 768MB for Windows XP / 1 GB RAM for Windows Vista
    HD: 11.5 GB
    GPU: nVidia 6800GT (SM3) or ATI X800XT (SM2)
    Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

    Here is also a link to the site.

    Check it out and report on Thursday!!


    Here is a link to the Users Manual for the game. … nual-31517

    Here is a link to the $5 game on eBay w/ free shipping. There are also online retailers listing it for the same. … 86.c0.m282

    I’m running Windows 7 and although Microsoft says it won’t run under 7 or Vista it can under XP SP2 compatability mode. Runs without a problem. You can also run it with a mod so that you don’t need the disc in the DVD drive.

    Also if I read correctly they have dedicated stand alone server files so if the main server goes down one of us can host directly.


    Not to be an ass or anything, but why is a non-member using a member’s account to post in the members forum?


    I will be an ASS and ask the same thing.
    Shock left the squad on his own free will.
    He has never officially applied or asked to return to my knowledge.
    I have no issue with him playing with us on Thursday nights after all it is UR vs. All. LOL
    Let’s not hack, borrow or use non members ID’s.
    Moving from JO to any other game should be a decision made by the entire SQUAD MEMBERS.


    Because Joe told me to. I ‘had” a normal ID at some point for the site/forum but Joe has been busy or away from his server and unable to get it figured out. He suggested I use my dad’s ID to post only about the game suggestions which is all I did.

    As requested I will no longer post anything under my fathers account.

    Sorry for the trouble. Was just trying to make a suggestion.


    I never said post as him, I said to talk to him and have him post it.

    Your user is created and e-mail has been sent.


    OK so x-mas is just around the corner. Thought I would get in the spirit. Seeing how the game is only $5 I’ll buy anyone in the clan a copy who wants to try this game out. Any takers?


    Can we host our own games? Can I load it on Ghillie School and host Thursday nights? Shok, do you still have an e-mail?


    Yes we can host our own. IN the end of 2008 THQ & KAOS released the files to be able to host your own. I can email you the links with the required files and additional setup forum to guide you thru it. Not sure what type of server your running (i.e. Linux, XP, MS Server, etc).

    And yes I still have the address.


    Ordered mine :boo


    got it and installing


    Did you install it under Windows 7 or XP?

    Give me a call if you installed it under Win7 so I can give you the work around. It’s a simple fix. For some reason a lot of games have trouble running under 7 or Microsoft says they won’t play when they can.

    On another not I need everyones addresses so I can ship some games. I also need to know who wants one so I can place the order. I found a guy who has the game for $1.79 +$3.99 shipping. If I order them all at once it will be $3.99 for the entire shipping. For 8 copies that breaks out to $18.31 ($2.29/copy). I would only have to ship 5 copies after I receive them which wouldn’t be much ($4.75/Flate Rate envelope). So all said and done would be $5.26/copy. I am trying to see if he will drop ship them to everyone instead of me having to reship them. I am planning on ordering them by next Saturday so get movin folks! If I dont hear from you then you will have to purchase your own. :(

    Ghillie has already responded. :1010


    Shok, if there is a published fix for running this under WIN7 can you tell everyone via this thread? I too will be using WIN7 and I am sure others will be as well.


    Placed the No DVD patch here … ew&iden=25

    Tested and it works, now you will not need DVD in drive to play. (instructions included)


    I’ve read bad things about the games. Dated full of hacks and those that do play it come in cheating with hacks left and right. Tell me what you have experienced or played so far.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 66 total)
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