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    I did some more research, and apparently the block fire I was using in the .WAC file only really works in single player games, which is why it works when I test it alone.

    It'd be great if I could playtest it with someone else to confirm/deny…

    But I checked, and it appears that through WolfRat, I can restrict and then unrestrict weapons while the server is running on NovaWorld. So if I know the Demolition Derby Map is loading, we can swap it over to limited weapons only.

    I was thinking just knives, anti tank mines, and satchels.

    Which weapons should we allow?


    What about smoke, flash, nades?

    No guns of any kind.


    I have tried in the past making changes to loadouts, etc through wolfrat and it wouldn not take unless the server was restarted. Much like it gives you the option to add maps it won't recognize them until the server is restarted. Has anyone else tried it to make sure it works other than a LAN game and one that is actually running on Nova?



    I just tested it out on Ghillie's server, so the server wasn't restarted. Here's what happened:

    I entered a game, and all weapons worked.
    I changed the Wolfrat settings to no weapons. All weapons worked.
    I rolled the map to a different map, No weapons worked.
    I set the weapon options for demolition derby (engineering and nades only). No weapons worked.
    I restarted the same map, and only the weapons I set worked.
    Knives seem to work on all settings.

    So unless this functionality changes with multiple users, we should be able to agree that demo-derby is next, set the weapon options in WolfRat, set the derby as the next map, and when it rolls over, the weapon selections will take place. I hope…


    Sounds like a major challenge :ouch so maybe your secondary idea of just the entire team all agreeing on specific or no weapons. Hard to enforce if we have outsiders. I have no problems agreeing to a specific map as long as we don't start getting to many maps where “o.k this one is nades and shotguns only, the next map is all weapons and then the next one is smoke and satchels only” to much of that and I feel we are taking away from the game.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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