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    Keymaster … ils&lid=43

    BO v1.01 download … ils&lid=45

    BO v1.2 update download

    Ok, talking to gargoyle, I think we found the problem. The original link I put up for bo Mod has changed and they have it pointing to wrong links. Use the ones at the top of this post.

    Follow these instructions and it should work fine

    #1 delete your BO mod folder install

    #2 if you have a good working copy of DFX2 skip to step #4

    #3 Install DFX 2 and update

    #4 copy your DFX2 folder and name it BO Mod DFX2

    you should now have
    C:Program FilesNovalogicDFX2
    C:Program FilesNovalogicBO Mod DFX2
    Or something like that

    Your original shortcut for DFX2 will still work

    #5 Download both files from above links

    #6 Install BO V1.01 and install it in the BO Mod DFX2 folder

    #7 install BO v1.2 and instal it in the BO Mod DFX2 Folder

    #8 Delete the BO Mod v1.01 shortcut

    Now you have a DFX2 and BO Mod DFX2 v1.2 shortcut on your desktop.

    #9 Double click the one you want to play.

    FYI, I know this works as I have it running fine on my system. Please post comments or questions below.



    Great straight forward instructions Fu.

    Thanks :rocker


    Since Wednesday (until this morning), over 160 folks logged into Ghillie School. :boo

    Should be back tonight with new maps. :cool2


    Very nice! :1010

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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