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    So I have to check out what the add-ons were. CRAZY!

    New Drivable Vehicles:
    Honda CBR-600 Motorcycle
    Harvester John Deere
    Long Crazy Train
    Crazy Loco
    Dune Beetle – dune buggy

    Super Puma Bristow Helo
    Chinook Helo with Spawn
    LCAC with Machine Guns – Air Foil
    M1A1 Tank with Flamethrower
    Cargo Ship
    T90 Main Battle Tank
    Flying Magic Carpet
    50’s Flaming Chevy
    Fork Lift
    Vertical Rocket
    Red and Blue Go Karts
    Guaz Jeep
    Half Track with 30 Cal
    Air Craft Carrier with PSP & Armory
    Impala – car
    Jet Pack
    A-10 Thunderbolt
    Cobra – car
    ESU-25 Jet
    Hang Glider
    Hover Plane
    Black Humvee

    Mig-29 Jet
    Mini Yatch
    Transport Boat with 30 cals
    Waterbike – jet ski
    Swamp BoatBell Huey
    Semi Truck
    Higgins Landing Craft
    Hot Air Ballon
    Tractor John Deere
    M163 Tank
    Marine One Blackhawk with and without spawn
    MASH Bird
    Motorcycle with sidecar
    Cessna Plane
    EE-9 Tank with and without spawn
    Fort lift 2
    Gaz-66 Truck
    HEMTT – Heavy Expanded Mobility Tachtical Truck
    Lada – car
    Lincoln LS175
    Military Truck with Mex 50 cal
    Monster Truck USA
    Monster Truck Russian

    Snow Moble
    ZSU-23 Tank
    P-51 Plane
    Police BTR-80
    PCJ-750 Motorcycle
    Quad ATV
    Red Cargo Ship
    Horizontal Rocket
    Small Pirate Boat
    Pirate Ship with 4 Cannons
    SWAT Black Hawk
    Trolley Car
    Urban Bus
    Willys Jeep
    Nito Stunt Bike
    Yamaha Dirt Bike

    Tons of INFINATE power ups for flame thrower and all other weapons

    Tons of new buildings too.


    I think a Hot Air Balloon, Jet Pack and FlameThower map is going to be necessary.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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