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      I was looking for a sandbox building game for my son, something like Minecraft but that supports vehicles and modern tech.

      In my search I found this FPS that comes with an editor. Remember our fun Joint Ops maps? Could this be an option for us in the future?

      Here’s a quote from a review:

      “Arma 3

      Military simulator Arma 3 is, like Minecraft, as much a tool for game creation as a game itself; one where much of the heavy lifting has already been done. It looks great, making the fictional Greek islands it takes place on eerily real, and the combat has benefited from this eye for detail too. It’s a combined arms game, where you can dabble in commanding tanks, scurry around as infantry, or patrol the skies as an ominous drone.

      While it comes with a three part campaign and multiplayer, the meat is the huge editor that gives creators countless tools and assets with which they can craft their own worlds from persistent multiplayer campaigns to military operations that wouldn’t look out of place in the campaign.

      There’s plenty of room for silliness, as well. Bohemia Interactive created Arma 3 Karts out of an April Fools gag, while users have been building skate parks, Superman mods, and even a dinosaur or two.

      While no user created content has struck a chord in the same way that DayZ did with Arma 2, this third iteration of the series is still young and remains full of potential. “

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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