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    While I am not one to “Embrace the Suck” it sure is hard to hit the bad guys. Could be my machine is not powerful enough to play the game. I guess I will need to break out the manal to learn the keys.

    BTW Thanks for standing up Ghillie School, allowed me to learn a couple of things.


    It’s not the machine. It’s the design of the game. AA3 is supposed to be as realistic as possible. Training for soldiers. You die, your out. Cant run and gun. Can’t spray and prey. Not a fast action type of game, takes a lot of strategy and a LONG time crawling around.

    I spent 25 minutes playing the other night and killed 1 guy. Spent most of the time staring at the ground.

    Would I consider it a replacement for Homefront – No.

    Another free game to play when your bored, sure.


    What he said.

    Fubar-UR wrote:
    Wow, very insightful

    What? You didn’t like my 2 cents?


    You would think after all the hours I spent digging into the game with all the issues and posts you could have afforded more than two lousy cents! To me it was only about 1/2 cent at best of info.

    I know your busy and all, but we all are as well.


    Ok, here you go:

    The graphics were very poor and it was very difficult to see targets. Aim is difficult even when laying down and yet the AI’s are sharp shooters while walking around.
    I found it difficult to follow what was going on in the game.
    Like Bones said, I spent a lot of time hiding and getting no where. I would kill someone and then they would pop up again. Which made it impossible to advance.
    Didn’t care for the weapons, but thats just personal feel.


    Better thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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