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Ya but if there are armories in every zone then we will have to go in 2 at a time because FU will come in behind us and slit our throats…like he does. :p

what about some type of anti air cannon, etc? I know there has to be something? I'm not talking full range of defenses or anything. Just a smaller cannon that slightly evens things up. I'm just looking at it since when I was playing on the map I was only one guy in the PSP and 2 gunships came and swatted me like a fly before I could even make it to an armory. We of course lost the PSP. what about those cannons that were mounted on the one KOTH? The ones that look like tanks with no bodies or the small calls on the top of the peronel carriers? Hell even a stand up 50 cal on the top of the building. Something bigger than the small arms fire I guess.