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It's actually a space where my furnace used to be. Between the drywall ceiling, and the insulation layer. It won't be crisper cool, but I don't think it will be a huge problem. And there's options for vents if it comes to that. There's no room in the garage, nor good location for networking.

Access is via ladder and ceiling pop-out panel, but I plan on using RDP for the majority of my maintenance issues. Both machines are hardy HP servers, and will not likely need much hardware attention.

As for the hardwiring, that's because the construction of my house, and layout means that the existing wireless G I have is worth crap through a wall. I get decent enough connection from the router across the living room to the SageTV machine, but less than 50% in the hobby room. Buying all new wireless N for everything is more costly, and isn't adding value to my house. Hardwire networking will hopefully, unless WiMax or Wireless N gets superceded by something even better.

I'm convinced that the slow/yellow problem has to do with certain map elements. Because I've gotten it running a LAN play-test of a new map before, and I've gotten it where it lasts exactly the duration of a single map on Ghillie's and others' servers.

Thursday night is Survivor so my wife won't be on the computer. Besides, my Joint Ops playing workstation is the only real workstation. The one in the hobby room is mounted over a standing height workbench. Others online is not a problem, other than possibly others playing on the Wiley's Wild West server while I'm trying to play on Ghillie School. I'll probably take WWW off of NovaLogic unless we are going to use it.

What about a mumble or teamspeak server? Should I install one of those as a backup?