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Chatted with other members over in the forum and I found out why platoons are limited to 3 tanks. The limit makes it so someone can’t put together a platoon of “career” players (read: good) and slaughter everyone in the random battles. Which makes sense. And I guess some are complaining this is still an issue with 3 tanks.

I got three suggestions:
First, to form a Tank Company. The issue with this is that we can only battle other tank companies and there is a good chance these companies will be made up of good players, so I’m guessing we will get our butts kicked. But we can try it.
Second is to form two platoons and have the platoon leaders press and hold the battle button at the same time and then count down from 3 and release at the same time. Had a couple users say they do this on a regular basis and it works most of the time to get you in the same map.
Third is to get into Clan Wars. Basicly we apply for a landing, which puts on the world map somewhere and then we battle other clans for their territories. Sounds interesting but we would need at least 15 members, so that would mean inviting outsiders into our clan.