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Deep breath……………..out………

Lets start from the top:

cheaper to run some tests

Yes and no. I'm currently running a P4 2.8 and my board can go up to a 3.4, but it is getting harder and harder to get P4 CPUs because Intel is phasing them out. They will be completly phased out by Q3 of this year. Support for the P4 will soon follow. Next, I can't just swap out the motherboard. I would have to reload my system or at the very least do a repair installation of Windows. And there goes my time. I would have to purchase a new CPU, which cannot be returned and CPUs go for about $200 to $300 bucks. I could swap out the RAM, but then there is more of my time and I'm guessing that won't fix the problem. Time is money and I don't have much free time as it is now. So, I don't want to blow the $200-$300 bucks, reload my system and drive back and forth to the store to get and return RAM.


Corsair is good RAM, but so is Kingston. If you look at any compairson chart you will see this is true. And for the record, they use the same chips. We, Solutionetics, use nothing but Kingston. They are in 100% of all of our clients workstations and servers. And in the 5 years I have been working at Solutionetics, I have had to RMA 7 modules. I always get the chips up front so my client doesn't have an down time while waiting to swap them out. Kingston also comes with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked. Its also nice that Kingston is in Fountain Valley, right next to Fry's. I can go pick it up or have them ship it to me.
The motherboard I'm getting is a brand new release from Intel and Kingston and Crucial are the only memory manifactures that have been certified to work with that board. And since Crucial is just plan blood expensive, I'm going with Kingston.

Hard drive

Don't need 320 GB I have an 80 GB now and less then half of it is full. Plus I'm planing on doing a RAID 1 with the two drives.


Same thing with Memory. We use Sony optical drives on all our systems. Well almost all our systems. The other is Teac. In the 5 years, I can think of maybe 4 Optical drives. And on a side note: I HATE HP comptuers and Compaq for that matter. I have had nothing but problems with there computers. They make great printers, but sucky computers and computer components.


I'll look into those two. The reason I listed the other two above is because I can get the 7100GS for $60 and the 7600GS for $140.

FYI – from shopping around, I built my system for $2,100 and thats with shipping and tax. Take out the little extra stuff (lcd screen wire wrapping, cables) and it was done for about $1,750. Let's see DELL do that!

Mine is going to cost me about $800 bucks. ;)