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My turn to chime in.

I have been part of this clan (sometimes dysfunctional) going on ten years and loved every minute of it. I have watched members come and go and return and leave again. I have never borne anyone ill will or held any grudges. I know I will never match some (hell most) in game play but that does not stop me from showing up and having fun.

I have never been nor will I be a fan of the “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield 3/4” style of ladder play. I simply am not able to devote the time or expense to become anything more than someone’s target bitch. (I barely hold my own in Joint Ops or Homefront)

Wednesday nights for me are primarily a way to forget the real world and act like a kid for a couple of hours. (Guys, I am within sight of retirement but I hope that never gets in the way of me refusing to grow up) I enjoy listening to Wiley complain about his “wired mouse tail” or the fact “he cannot find his favorite poop tree” or listen to Fu and Bones ramble on about “pennies”. Never truly understand the issue but that is what makes Wednesdays fun. Surprisingly, my ego is strong enough to know that Calamidy is probably feeding one baby, changing the other and still kicking my butt.

I am willing to try any FPS or strategy game for Wednesday nights as long as we all agree. Hell, I even tried Fuel of Wars and we remember how quick that faded.

Whatever we choose I hope it is something we can host (I have enough servers to host the game server and voice server (might need some configuration help)) so we can isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. There is nothing more pleasing than knowing I am getting raped by some 14 year snot who used his Mommie’s credit card to buy his system and then spent his entire summer vacation living the new game.

OK, I am done venting. Whatever path we choose, I will be there to allow Fubar or Bones or Gargoyle or Lone or even Wiley the pleasure of shooting me in the back, the side, the front, etc and then waiting for me to respawn so they can do it again.

Daniel “Ghille” Gilbert aka The Human target.