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SHOKTRONIC-UR @ Jan 5 2008, 07:13 PM wrote:
It only gives you a visual reference of latency. It's not a diagnostic. For that you would have to go old school and start shutting down stuff or removing it/unplug it.

There are a lot of things that can cause latency problems from your cable/dsl modem to your router and then into your PC. Also having your computers networked can also cause some lag down issues depending if you have things like disk cache turned on for large folders or shortcuts to othr PC's. Each computer is going to be effected differently depending on the hardware and OS setup.

Now in Wileys case it has to be something on his system. Last week I was watching his “ping” and his stayed the lowest out of everyone suprisingly. He never cracked 100 and lowest I saw was 37 for him. Everyone else was average around 160-250. Most of us people here in CA were the higher numbers because of distance. The AZ folks were around the 106 numbers. Suprisingly too is Wiley had a lower ping than Ghillie but that might be explained by all the computers Ghillie has running eating up bandwidth perhaps.

You need to spend more time playing than watching everyones ping