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    I will say this, the graphics for HomeFront look awesome. I am not even sure my system will even run it properly.

    Since I only get about three to four hours a week to devote to mindless bang bang shootem up, I see my self becoming someone’s HomeFront target dummy. I simply do not have the time it takes to rack up the experience points to survive or battle points to armor up. Any chance of me buying the game to to see how well it plays? Maybe, you have to die sometime.

    We would have to modify our practice of just us playing a game because I feel the newer games are for large groups of players. That is not to say we all couldn’t join the same side, squad up and then commence to be owned by some 14 year old on spring break playing on his daddy’s WiFi link. :ouch

    We have already seen the dangers of opening our server to the rest of the world, someone jumps in, blasts us to worm gruel and never takes the hint to leave. We end up killing the server and then password protecting ourselves so we can have fun trash talking with one another.

    Ok, I will stop being a whine baby and dive in front of Gargoyle’s bullets now.