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So I picked up the game, installed it. Completed all the first solo play games. (Very intense, cool scenes and awsome weapons).
I’ve been playing the multiplayer. Sometimes I’m getting pwned sometimes I’m the pwner. Even though you hvae to progress (ladder) for some gear, the basic gear is equal and can hold it’s own in fights so you dont feel over matched.

FU and I played a 1 x 1 match and it was a blast. It woud be even better with everyone.

The game is VERY similar to Frontlines with a lot more weapons and load out choices. The really cool ones like drones are much more accurate and VERY deadly but they are short lived so if your on the recieving end you dont feel like a fish in a barrell for long and you get more points for revenge kills.

Overall really good game, highly recommended for the whole squad.