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Are you saying you are hosting a Home Front server?

Correct, I went out and bought the game as there is a lot of good talk about it. it is made by the same company THQ as frontlines. Its like a newer updated version of FOW. Tons of servers when I went online.

I downloaded the server files and put up a homefront server and people started joining right away!

I will be playing it of and on, but will play what we decide to play on thursdays.

Since the do not have a demo for Homefront I wanted to try it and the only way was to buy HF.

From what I played it was fun, but need to play it more. There are some changes, but You can tell its kind of a updated version of FOW, as there are some things that remind you of it (Drones, weapons, etc…)

If anyone wants to pick up a copy and play let me know and I will put up a server to just mess around.