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OK after the slowest download in the history of the internet I managed to get the FFOW server installed on my server. I felt like I was on dial up… whoa! So I forwarded all the ports, configured the files, etc and ……. It worked! Had it up for about 15 minutes running around and 3 other players joined in. I don’t think they were too happy once I closed it down though. I also was able to make sure the remote console was working for rolling maps.

So at this point Ghillie school just needs a new router or some freed up port forwards and it will be operational. Will still need to tweek soe internal files but all and all it’s a viable option!!

The sweet part about it I was running it on my old server (wifes computer) which is an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ @ 2.17ghz and only 1.5GB of RAM and it ran fine.


On a side note I noticed most of the servers had pings well above 100, mine was 23. Ghillies when I was testing was about 30.