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From what I could tell none. They adapted Punk Buster (the updated version unlike JO) and it seemed to be working. Lag could make one think someone is cheating and the way hit count is computed thru the game. All in all it didn’t look like a problem.

Also did some checking and you have 2 styles of maps. One is an advance and secure the other is capture all. The AAS is a straight forward style where the later is a capture them in any order. Most of the maps are a 1/2/3/2/1 sequence. 1 being your starting base and 3 being the 50 yard line. Both the 2 & 3 start nuetral so to win you need to secure 8 points and hold them. If another team takes even one in the same plane of advancement you can not capture the ones down field unless its the free for all style map.

Also as Joe found out there are a lot more buttons required due to additional functions in the game which takes some getting used to. You can run or walk which is nice instead of having to switch to a knife and try to move a little faster like in JO. I think he also found out how challenging the helos are to fly. I also know he hates the drones. LOL.