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Im not sure about the 32bit but for me Im running Win7 on 64bit. You have to Ctrl Alt Del out of the game atthe game start and go into Task Manager. Once there you need to go under processes and change the FFOW.exe priority to LOW. This will correct any lag or jittering. Also the no CD fix wont work for me. Might again be an x64 thing. I have to do it every time I play. Here is a link to set the priority and forget about it. It’s an add on.

Remember this is a game that Microsoft says “will not run under Windows 7” which is a bunch of BS, it can and does work….. with some minor tweaks. Now Crysis on the other hand, won’t run under Windows 7 for sure. Funny how games designed for XP/Vista hate 7.

As for the cheaters I haven’t come accross anything. Then again I don’t know what I should be looking for. I have only been able to get online 1 time due to my work schedule and wasn’t on that long. Most of my play has been on single player to get adjusted to playing it again. On an alternative note, we usually play as just the group so a private game would keep cheaters away. That is unless someone in the group decides to cheat. :ack

FU, what trainers are you talking about for v1.3? Not sure I understand what your referring to.