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Did you install it under Windows 7 or XP?

Give me a call if you installed it under Win7 so I can give you the work around. It’s a simple fix. For some reason a lot of games have trouble running under 7 or Microsoft says they won’t play when they can.

On another not I need everyones addresses so I can ship some games. I also need to know who wants one so I can place the order. I found a guy who has the game for $1.79 +$3.99 shipping. If I order them all at once it will be $3.99 for the entire shipping. For 8 copies that breaks out to $18.31 ($2.29/copy). I would only have to ship 5 copies after I receive them which wouldn’t be much ($4.75/Flate Rate envelope). So all said and done would be $5.26/copy. I am trying to see if he will drop ship them to everyone instead of me having to reship them. I am planning on ordering them by next Saturday so get movin folks! If I dont hear from you then you will have to purchase your own. :(

Ghillie has already responded. :1010