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OK, here is my story and I am sticking to it. Freeman, feel free to kick me in the butt next time you see me, I should have touched base with you before I started. :cool2

I followed the link posted in the forum and never got it to install properly. I went so far at to burn down Ghillie School and re-install the operating system. No luck.

Started doing some digging and found out that there is BO Mod for DFX and one for DFX2. Downloaded and installed BO Mod DFX2 and all is well.

Before I installed BO Mod DFX2, I copied my existing DFX 2 directory and called it Delta Force Extreme 2 BO Mod. Installed BO Mod to that directory and BO Mod loads and runs without error. :1010

The original Delta Force Extreme 2 program runs withou error as well.

I now need to re-add our maps (or any maps someone wants to send me HINT HINT) and reconfigure Wolfrat to allow game control and all should be well.