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Okay, it's time to lay out some details that will make this map more interesting for us.

First, any tech box with a solid red light on it can be destroyed, and if so, it damages the system it controls. On the Rebel island chem plant, the control boxes are hidden away from the system they control.

On Joint Ops Forward Operations Bases, they are near the spawn point, and the spawn point is destroyed if the box is destroyed.

Don't destroy tech boxes on your team's island!

All of the small chemical tanks can be destroyed. And most have a tactical disadvantage when they are destroyed. Either a spawn point is lost, a gate opens, etc.

The largest tank cannot be destroyed by direct fire. There is a technical box with a red light on it that will destroy it. There is one other technical box that also must be destroyed for Joint Ops to win by mission completion.

Computer consoles that you can sit at activate resources available to both teams.

Here's a specific list:

  • Computer Console South of B enables the vehicles inside the gate.

    Computer Console inside main building unhides a 1st floor spawn point.

    Eastern most Chemical tank destroyed takes Spawn B with it.
    The tank next to it destroyed removes the chainlink fence at B.

    Destroying one of three of the chemical tanks at C will remove spawn C.

    The techbox outside the South gate unlocks the gate, and removes the security guards there.

    The techbox inside the building at the North gate unlocks the north gate.

    The generator at A powers the lights, and all the lights go out if you destroy the generator.

    Destroy the techboxes at G or at H to destroy that F.O.B.

    Destroy the techboxes at Joint Ops home base wins the game for Rebels.

    Destroying all chemical tanks and techboxes inside buildings at the chemical plant wins the game for Joint Ops.

    There are secret doors at 'D' and in the mainbuilding below 'E'