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To make a AAS (Advance and Secure) map. If not skip to the next step

Use any of the “spawn and change side” buildings.
Set the LFP's like so. Say you have 5 bunkers for the AAS. Set the one closest to the JO with LFP group 1 and set the team to 1. And the three in the middle LFP group 2 and set the team to 0. Set the one by the Reb base with LFP group 3 and set the team to 2
The results you get from this is. The bunker by JO base start as JO's base you can spawn there. Same with the bunker by Rebs it starts as the Rebs base. The three in the middle are neutral.
Make sure to set the game type in the Level properties under Mission to Advance & secure and name the mission. .0
To set the LFP and team values click the object. Then select edit. You will see the box that says LFP groups.
Just change this value to the group you want them in.

By setting up the LFP's it also sets the waypoints and makes takeover area active.

If you don't set the LFP's what you get is 3 player spawn points that anyone can take at any time. With no way points or anything