First Person Shooter Games

So first person shooter games have more than doubled in titles and styles over the past year.

With titles out there such as:fps

  • Counter Strike
  • Call of Duty
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Doom

It’s hard to say what game is superior over another with new graphics, hidden weapons and early release unlocks.

What ever happened to paying for a game then playing.  I’m tire of the pay to play or the “Oh it’s free but if you don’t want to die instantly or be superior then purchase this…”

I’m o.k with paying once for a game then maybe buying a map pack or two but then once you get to really like a game the make comes out with a totally different version that doesn’t always make the game better but makes it worst.  Black Ops III was great, but then came Call of Duty Modern Warfare and World at War.  Just when you start having a great time with your friends, they have to add wall climbing, super jumps and nuclear weapons…. cmon’.   If that wasn’t enough one of your friends suddenly doesn’t like that game anymore and won’t play if that’s what is on the menu.  So you switch from game to game trying to make everyone happy and trying to find that right balance of action, killing, friendly play, PVP and PVE.

So to pick one, you gotta ask yourself several questions but when I play these are the 7 criteria that I look for:

  1. What is the game quality
  2. Can I play with my friends or am I stuck always playing against them.
  3. Is there a PVP or PVE option
  4. What type of variety is there in weapons and equipment selection
  5. Are the characters customizable
  6. Can I just jump in and play or am I gonna have to grind to unlock the fun stuff.
  7. Is the content and maps enough for me to come back time after time without getting bored.